Stephen Cunliff


As a nature photographer, I am very fortunate to live Stephen Cunliffeon the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest.  Our home is on the western shore of Puget Sound, looking towards the Cascade Mountains over the large body of water called Admiralty Inlet. This beautiful view inspired the name I have given to my small enterprise Admiralty Images.  

The purpose of Admiralty Images is to turn my passion for nature photography into a financial contribution to local conservation organizations.  Any profits that I make are donated directly to three entities:

Port Townsend Marine Science Center
Dungeness Audubon River Center
Jefferson Land Trust

My images have won awards locally and nationally.  Most recently I was named Grand Prizewinner in Canon’s 2009 National ‘Photography in the Parks’ contest.  My work can be viewed at the Port Townsend Gallery.

I try to find intimate details in nature to communicate the beauty of the greater whole. I hope to capture the viewer’s imagination, and maybe to prompt questions. I sincerely encourage a two-way communication between the photographer and the viewer.  Not just ‘here it is, take it or leave it,’ but ‘here it is, and let’s talk about any aspect of the image or its subject that interests you.’  So if you have any questions or any comments after viewing these galleries, please do contact me here.

View from our house